Why Stay LIT Photo Booth above all the others?

Our prices are competitive, and we have an insane amount of 5-star reviews via Yelp/Google from our awesome clients that have entrusted us to capture their event. We provide quality, professionalism, and bring the good vibes to your event!


Photo booth photos are a great keepsake for any social gathering. They are cost-effective, guaranteed to be a lasting gift to your guests, and a way for you to remember your special milestone or life event. Photo booths have become a standard at weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, grand openings, graduations, Sweet 16’s, Quinceaneras, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, festivals, holiday celebrations, proms, and school events. 360 Video Booths can also be another great form of entertainment for your guests. We can airdrop your video to any iPhone user instantly and send it via text, email, or QR code. Should you decide to booth both of them together please check with us by completing a form fill for a custom invoice. .


Photo booths are great to start during a cocktail hour. If you have any formalities during your event, we offer an “idle hour” that can be added to your package to pause operations of the booth so it doesn’t cut into your service time. This option is ideal for events you would like us to arrive earlier in preparation to have our set up ready ahead of time before your guests arrive to avoid any disruptions or events such as weddings that have a scheduled agenda (i.e., dinner, speeches or any time during your event that you would like your guest’s full attention.

How early do you show up for your set up time?

We show up 45 minutes – 1 hour prior to your scheduled start time. Why so early you ask, our goal is to ensure we have time to work out any unexpected kinks with logistics (i.e., having to relocate the set up due to inclement weather changes or possible electrical grid overloads, Wi-Fi connectivity if applicable, limited spacing, landscape challenges, and coordination with other vendors). We invest time ahead of your start time to ensure you and your guests have an amazing experience!

How much space do you require for your booth set up?

Our Classic Style and Digital Media booth will require a 10×10ft footprint, including an 8’ height clearance for most backdrops. If your venue is smaller, we will do our best to compact both booths as best as possible, however, consider our Digital Media Booth that has a 1×1’ footprint standing only at 5ft tall without a backdrop. The same would apply to a 360 Video Booth to allow room for stanchions for safety reasons along with a sharing station.

Can the booth be placed outside?

We suggest the booth be set up indoors if possible should there be extreme weather in the forecast— however, we understand that this isn’t the case at times. We have a few requirements to guarantee the highest quality photos and protection of our booth should you choose to be outside but do be mindful of the seasonal weather conditions. If a day event depends on sunlight this could affect the lighting of how your pictures will appear. Requirements: level floor/foundation for photo booth & backdrop stability, reasonable distance (<25’) to a power source (outlet) & separate/dedicated power source (outlet) from other vendors to avoid power surge issues. If mother nature surprises us all, we will discuss a plan before your event.

I don’t like the templates on your template gallery, can you build me one?

Absolutely we can! If you need us to match an invitation, theme, or if you have something elaborate in mind, our professional graphic designer will design you a template that fits the theme of your event. This can be added on to your package check with us for pricing.

Is it unlimited prints?

Yes, for the most part this is realistic in smaller gathering situations where we will print up copies of group photos so that everyone gets one and don’t forget you will also get access to the online digital gallery of all your memories captured during the event! However, if it is a larger scale event meaning 75+ guests attending these may be limited up to two prints per session check with us directly regarding more details as this is treated as a case-by-case basis. Also, if you plan to request only a single 4×6 photo frame per session whether it has no border or custom template, this will be factored in as a special add on to your package as this will consume more paper material than the average event that typically has multiple photos per session. Please check with us for further details regarding pricing for this type of special request. Of course, if lines are long, we will politely ask your guest to go back into line so everyone else may have their turn.


Unlike the other guys, our quality props vary from popular themes & hilarious hashtags, trendy catchphrases, event specific signs, hats, boas, glasses and more as seen in our online gallery or Insta! Take a look! Our prop selection offers something for all ages to satisfy the little ones as well as your adult guests. Please also be mindful of any events regarding children to ensure they are being accompanied by an adult during their photo sessions and be responsible for guiding them through the photo booth experience. We also recommend keeping an eye out and practicing good manners to ensure all items are returned to our prop table, so they do not get misplaced or lost.

How long does it take for the online gallery to be loaded?

Upon completion of your event, we ask for a 2-3 business day grace period to upload your pictures to our website. This allows us to carefully edit each picture to ensure the quality of the photos is great for all your digital needs! Unless it is a Digital Media Booth then you can have access to them in real time and download them to your phone or laptop. (Note, real time availability of your photos is dependent on your cell phone service provider and or Wi-Fi connection strength.)

Can I bring my own scrapbook to your table?

Yes, you can bring your own scrapbook for an additional fee to account for materials. However, we are not responsible for the whereabouts and the completion of the scrapbook. The scrapbook add-on is a service that our skilled attendant will manage should it be purchased.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit for either the Classic or Digital Media style booths. This deposit is applied to your balance.

When is my balance due?

The remaining balance is due preferably 3 business days prior to your event. However, if you would like to pay in cash, please contact us so we can make those arrangements and inform you of the requirements.

What forms of payment does Stay LIT Photo booth accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, and in certain situations Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Apple Cash, or CashApp. Checks are only accepted for corporate and school events. If you are writing a check out to us, please reach out ahead of time so we can give you proper instructions.


If you would like to request either of the following proof of COVID vaccination + booster and/or a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours of your scheduled event, our photo booth attendants would be happy to provide this and/or take a COVID test upon advance notice. This will give us ample time to book an appointment. To help save us time if there will be rapid onsite COVID testing provided the day of for your event please do inform us ahead of time. We would be glad to arrive earlier to participate in the latest pandemic event requirements. As for masks mandates, if you prefer our attendants to wear a mask for any indoor or outdoor events, please kindly request this so we are best prepared and help keep your guests feel safe as possible during the pandemic. We do not want any of your guests to be at risk including ourselves as we go back home to be with our loved ones. As for our props we have established safety protocols to routinely sanitize them with alcohol wipes and/or spray them with a liquid disinfectant for everyone’s safety. We also provide hand sanitizer for your guests to use after each photo session.

What backdrop options do you have? What type of backdrops are they?

We have a variety of options such as LED Cubes 8.5ft x 8.5ft that light up best in darker lighting settings, fabric 8ft x 8ft backdrops, to even sequin 8ft x 8ft backdrops. We can order a custom fabric, sequin, or step and repeat backdrop specific to your theme or brand as an add on feature to your package with at least 1-month advance notice. Contact us directly about this option.


We recommend you reach out to us via email, text, DM, or phone call to notify us ASAP as a courtesy so that we can clear up our calendar for future possible bookings that we may have placed on hold or declined other inquiries due to your scheduled event filling up our calendar availability. If you cancel 30+ days out or greater with advance notice, we will issue you a partial deposit refund however there will be a $100 cancellation fee for our time and software used to design your template in advance. If you happen to cancel within 30 days or less, we will utilize your 50% deposit as a “Credit” hold and you are welcome to use this towards a future or rescheduled booking with us if placed within 12 months of the cancellation date otherwise your deposit is non-refundable.


There are so many FUN reasons why you should rent a photo booth for your any occasion:

  • You and your guests will capture special moments together.
  • There are endless props and backdrops you can use for photos.
  • You can customize the pictures or videos for your specific event.
  • Your guests can take home memories and keep them for a lifetime.
  • Everyone will have something to remember your event by.
  • This type of creating memories may cost a lot less than you think.
  • Your guests will be entertained and won’t have to depend on photographers.
  • You don’t have to put in the effort because everything will be taken care of.
  • You do not need to clean up either because it’ll be done in no time.
  • Photo and video booths are perfect for every occasion you can think of.